We produce wood pellets by grinding, drying, additional chopping and pressing of the raw material (sawdust, wood chips, etc.). As they are made of 100% wood, our pellets are denser and heavier, which results in slower and more balanced combustion and this makes them a highly efficient fuel.

The production takes place in controlled conditions and in compliance with European EN PLUS A2 standard: 6 mm in diameter, up to 20 mm in length, below 6.9% of moisture, residue remains below 1.1 %. Download pdf version

 One of the main advantages of wood pellets is that the ash content produced by the burning amounts to about 1%, with energy value of over 18 MJ per kilogram. Pellets are used for furnaces and heating boilers, in houses and flats, as well as in larger users’ premises.

Type I Packaging

PE 15 kg bags
(70 bags – 1.050 kg)

The bags can be plain or design printed to suit the needs of buyers.

Type II Packaging

PE 1.030 kg bags

For bigger users, the offer includes the 1.030 kg Big Bag, with dimensions 91×91×180 cm

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